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Advance Short Film Making

November 17, 2018

Category: Film

Date: 17th November, 2018

Venue:  St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education

Time:  12:00PM to 8:00PM


Profile of course:

  • Scripting Flow of Script - In Time and in Mental Space
  • Validity of Characters and Scenes
  • Theories of Social Psychology
  • Structure and Flow of Story


  • Art and Costume Designing
  • Psychology of Space and Designs
  • Justification of Characters and Story based on Designs
  • Basic Art Direction without an Art Director
  • Manipulating available space and Props for Scene


  • Acting for Directors,
  • Communication Psychology
  • Decision making for each department,
  • Creative Visualization,
  • Creative Planning,
  • Man-management


  • Five C’s of Cinematography - Close ups. Composition Continuity -Camera Angles
  • Cutting Camera Technology Basics Lighting - Techniques and methods
  • 3 Point Lighting Scheme
  • Use of Different lights
  • Available light based lighting

Shoot Planning 

  • Financial Planning - Reverse working from Budget
  • Comparison of Equipment and Techniques
  • Location Plan - Forward and Reverse
  • Casting based on Look and based on skill of Actors
  • Reverse Reworking of Screenplay based on Available Resources


  • Work-flow
  • Editing Theory
  • Murch’s 6 Laws of Editing - Emotion, Story, Rhythm, Eye-Trace, 2D Space, 3D Space
  • Rendering and formats


  • On Set Recording
  • Dubbing
  • Types of Microphones - Dynamic and Condenser – Lavs, Booms, shotguns Field Recorders
  • Sound Editing
  • Sampling Rate, Bit Rate, Amplitude
  • Noise Mastering – Compression, Limiting, Frequency Management


  • Color Theory
  • Grading and Looks
  • Continuity of Color grade - shot to shot and for overall film
  • Lighting Correction in Post Production


  • Music Theory
  • Understanding Feel of different Genres of music
  • Function and Form of Instrumentation
  • Melody and Grove

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November 17, 2018
Event Category:


St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education
St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education, Bandra West
Mumbai, Maharashtra India
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