Giving Back


The Times Celebrate Bandra Festival, in keeping with its spirit of ‘by the community, for the community’, aims to create opportunities for Bandraites to get involved in social action. The hope is that this will lead to a deeper and more sustained engagement within the community.
The Festival has now evolved into a brand and we are happy to have supported a number of deserving projects. In our ‘Going Green’ effort, we sponsored a solar water heating project for St. Catherine of Siena Orphanage and a rainwater harvesting project for the Holy Family Hospital. Backing up our commitment to our underprivileged youth, we donated an upgraded school bus to Aseema, taking into account crucial bus security measures for the children. We have also donated a school bus to St. Catherine of Siena School.
In our effort to create awareness about drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers, we donated a bus to the Kripa Foundation, to facilitate their ADAAPT programme (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Programme through Training).
The traffic situation in Bandra leaves a lot to be desired. To assist in streamlining the movement of traffic in Bandra, we initiated the You-Turn project and continue to keep funds aside for this important social issue that affects us all. With resources from the 2011 Festival, we donated a much needed industrial washing machine and medical equipment instruments washer–disinfector to Shanti Avedna, a hospice for the terminally ill. 2016 saw us commissioning a recycled waste plant for the production of cooking gas at SPICE Communications, Bandra.

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